For wine bar & restaurant Zero Wine
Commercial offer
for website creation
Create a website to present the establishment and business on the Internet, increasing recognition, delaying from competitors, attracting potential customers, simplifying the booking system, increasing profits, expanding business.
1. No menu with pictures, descriptions and prices
2. No photos to convey the atmosphere of the place, its interior
3. There is no program of events and descriptions of past events
4. No possibility to read all the reviews in one place
5. There's no way to get to know the team behind everything
6. No ability to book a table in a couple of clicks
7. No ability to ask questions quickly
8. No ability to quickly see how to get there
9. No quick links to other social networks
10. No ability to order online

1. Make a detailed menu with a description of the composition
of each dish, the exact portion size, with juicy photos and prices. The bar list will be made separately, but also with a detailed description and photos.

2. Create a block on the site, for restaurant atmosphere, with
a description of the concept and high quality and stylish photos.

3. Write a detailed program of events, for example, for 1 or 2 weeks, with names, dates, times, participants, cost, and other important details. Any user should be able to freely find and read this information, as well as quickly contact restaurants to purchase tickets or get necessary information. I recommend adding a blog page with descriptions and photo reports from past events.

4. Gather all the reviews in one block, make integration with services for automatic updating.

5. Make a section on the site with information about each team member. When we talk about every team member, you get closer
to customers.

6. Give you the ability to book quickly. It'll speed up the decision process, improve the service and help increase the number
of customers. The easier the system, the more reservations. People don't like to be stressed.

7. Make a chat room for quick contact with the manager of the establishment. This will make the work process more efficient, which will help the potential customer to make a decision faster.

8. Map with go to Google maps to build an individual detailed route.

9. Make buttons in a prominent place to quickly go to other social networks, which will increase awareness and an influx of subscribers.

10. Get an online booking form on the site so people who don't like to talk on the phone or don't want to waste time waiting can book
a table in a couple of clicks. Time is our most valuable resource.
It can't be replenished. Any attempt to save the customer's time allows you to create a great image for the establishment.
What goes into developing
I develop quality sites with unique design on the Tilda builder. I work with modifications and code to implement complex animations and unusual design solutions.

• Creating a thoughtful site structure
• Creating a black and white prototype
• Collecting design references
• Creating a unique design concept
• Typography (if required)
• Image processing (if necessary)
• Quality layout in Tilda
• Customize an adaptive version of the site for tablet and mobile devices
• Creating a modern animation
• Setting up a feedback form for getting requests
• Setting up your domain and SSL certificate
• Configure basic SEO-optimization for good indexing
• Development of the technical page "Error 404"
• Development of the Privacy Policy page
• Development of the "Public offer" page
• Connection of third-party services
• Setting up the catalog, shopping cart and payment
• Free consultations on work with Tilda
• 1 month technical support after launch

Read more about Tilda features.
The total amount may vary both to a lesser or greater extent. I can give you the exact cost after discussing all the details and analyzing the brief.

Important: the amount does not include payment for the selected domain and account on the Tilda platform. Learn more about rates.
20-40 working days
The term of the project depends on many factors: the preparation of content, the speed of coordination of each stage of development, making changes (if necessary) and other.

I will be able to determine the exact dates after discussing all the details and analyzing the brief.
Increasing brand value through unique design.
Functional. Minimalist. Stylish

Terms of cooperation
• I work on prepayment, dividing the project into 2 stages:
1. 50% — prepayment before development begins
2. 50% — payment before the start of rendering

You can pay in one payment with a discount of 10% of the total. You're protected by agreement and check. You save money.

• There are two ways to pay:
1. Cash
2. Transfer to a person's card
• 2 edit lists per page design. Each list can have an unlimited number of edits. The 3rd list of edits is paid additionally by hours. The cost per hour is $25.

• Support or refinement of the project is fixed by hourly fee $25.
• Most of my work is done by contract.

• A contract is drawn up with a self-employed professional for the provision of services.
• Telegram
• Email
• Notion to monitor the work process
• Figma for commenting on layouts
• Zoom or Telegram for video conferencing
Work process
Detailed discussion of all tasks and details, analysis of the brief. We agree on the amount of work, terms and cost.

We sign a contract, you pay for 1 part or the whole project
at a discount and get a check from the self-employed.
• Development of a prototype for visualization of the future site.

I select examples of sites and ask you to comment on them: what like and dislike, and why.

I create a black-and-white prototype of the site based on the brief, corporate identity, your comments.

I video or write in Figma comments about the prototype, send you references: to the justification and layout with the prototype.

You write a list of changes, we discuss and make them. You have the opportunity to make changes to the prototype twice. Each list can have an unlimited number of corrections.

The 3rd list of edits will cost extra by hour. The cost per hour is $25.
• Creating a styling solution for the home page.

I create a design concept based on the brief, corporate identity, your comments.

I record on video or write comments in Figma about the concept justification, send you references: on justification and layout with design.

You write a list of edits, we discuss and make them. You have the opportunity to make changes to each page twice. There can be an unlimited number of edits to each list.

The 3rd revision list will cost extra by hour. The cost per hour is $25.
Design and adaptation
• Design all pages of the site for all permissions.

I design all internal pages on the basis of previously agreed design solutions. I send you a link to the layouts with the design in Figma.

You write a list of changes, we discuss and make them. You have the option to edit each page twice. Each list can be indefinitely number of edits.

The 3rd edit list is an additional hourly payment. The cost per hour is $25.
• Design layout in Tilda and final release of the site.

You pay for the 2nd part.

I transfer all previously approved layouts, design technical pages in Tilda. Adapt them for all devices, animate them, connect the necessary features and services, adjust the basic SEO, connect the domain and SSL-certificate. Check your site by checklist and send you for approval.

You accept the work, check the adaptive desktop, tablet and mobile version, test the full functionality of the site.

Important: at this stage you can't make any edits.

I write down instructions for using Tilda (if needed). You'll have free support for a month. Feel free to ask any questions! Once your free support runs out, you can extend it by paying per hour. The cost per hour is $25.

Then I'll transfer the site from my Tilda account to yours. The account must be prepaid for at least one month. Paying one year in advance will allow us to remove the Tilda label in the footer.

Hooray! The site is up and running and ready to receive its first visitors.
The proposal is based on initial information about the project,
it can be adjusted later when tasks or new information change.
Manoshina Anastasia
Web designer
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